Welcome Our

New Band Director


The Band Parents are thrilled to welcome Bryan Stepneski back to the Mustang Band family. We are confident that Mr. Stepneski will lead our programs and classes forward to new heights while retaining and revivifying our long-standing traditions. As an alumnus, Mr. Stepneski brings with him an intense appreciation of all things Mustang and of the rich history we hold so dear. It's a great day to be a Mustang!

No band would be able to perform without the hard work and dedication of the faculty staff. These men and women devote long hours to the design and execution of every maneuver and song that the band performs. They really put the "Show" into the "Show Band of the Northeast," and deserve the heartfelt appreciation of the band members and their parents. This gives the Clifton fans the unique pleasure of seeing different shows throughout the football season.


Left to right:  Bryan Stepneski (Band Director), Alyssa Stepneski (Assistant Director), Kasey Molner (Assistant Director), Korinne Kensicki (Majorette Director), and Wes Krygsman (Assistant Director).

Photo by Graeme Carmichael.