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FAQ for Band Parents
FAQ for Band Members




  • Daily Morning Sessions - 8am to 12pm

  • Daily Afternoon Sessions - 1:30pm to 4:30pm

  • Daily Evening Sessions - 7pm to 9pm


  • Be be early is to be on be on time is to be late! DON'T BE LATE!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to construction on the band field, we will be practicing off site this season at the field behind School 2.  


Band Camp Schedule 2022

As always, Band Camp is mandatory for all Mustang Band Members and will take place during the last two full weeks of August. Read through the entire document carefully and mark your calendars now.


Included in this document is also the preliminary season schedule.  As always, events can be added or removed.  Basically, from August 15 to Thanksgiving, you're booked!


Audition Information

Auditions will be held in-person in our typical format this year.  You should begin preparing your scales and solo soon and continue to prepare throughout the summer.  Not only is audition preparation an excellent way to keep your skills sharp during the break; audition results will be used to determine part assignments and other performance opportunities throughout the year.


General Camp Information

Be Prepared

Health and Safety reminders for the rookies and for returning upperclassmen:


Remember to hydrate for weeks before you come to camp....plenty of water, Gatorade, etc.  


Bring a BIG JUG of water with you.  


Be sure to eat a FULL, nutritious breakfast.  


No chewing gum.  


Your shoulders should be covered, so wear a T-shirt with sleeves.  


Wear a baseball type cap or some kind of hat, as well as sunglasses and a good sunscreen, especially if you are fair-skinned and tend to burn when exposed to direct sunlight.


Absolutely no flip-flops or sandals.  A good pair of athletic shoes with socks are the only acceptable form of footwear to be worn.

Gym shorts or knee-length shorts are acceptable.  Do not wear long, overly baggy shorts. 

Ladies, be sure to wear a good "foundation" be functional not fashionable.  

If you are on some form of medication, be sure to let the Band Director know immediately.   

If you are allergic to bee stings or any other form of insect bite, tell us about it.  

If you need and use one, be sure to have your inhaler with you.  

Don't forget, you need a good pencil and, of course, bring your instrument and music!

Band Shoes

What to Get and Where

Band shoes are black, imitation patent leather, spit shine look, Corfam material, with a heel, no extra fancy trim, BATES high gloss or a plain DEXTER uniform oxford or the equivalent. Ask to see a sample. Parents have had luck finding shoes at:


We also have a few pair of donated shoes by Band Alumni that are free for the taking if they fit! Nothing wrong with them that a little Pledge furniture polish can't fix.

White Gloves

Available from the Band Parents Association!

The white gloves that band members wear at every performance are sold by the Band Parents and are usually sold when Spirit Wear is sold at General Meetings. They will be available at the first parents meeting on  in early September and at times during band camp.

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