• Daily Morning Sessions To allow for Pre-Screening, the official report time each day is 7:30 am. Late Band Members will be required to return home. The session begins promptly at 8:00 and concludes at 10am.


  • Be early..to be early is to be on time...to be on time is to be late! DON'T BE LATE!

General Camp Information

Be Prepared

Health and Safety reminders for the rookies and for returning upperclassmen:


Remember to hydrate for weeks before you come to camp....plenty of water, Gatorade, etc.  


Bring a BIG JUG of water with you.  


Be sure to eat a FULL, nutritious breakfast.  


No chewing gum.  


Your shoulders should be covered, so wear a T-shirt with sleeves.  


Wear a baseball type cap or some kind of hat, as well as sunglasses and a good sunscreen, especially if you are fair-skinned and tend to burn when exposed to direct sunlight.


Absolutely no flip-flops or sandals.  A good pair of athletic shoes with socks are the only acceptable form of footwear to be worn.

Gym shorts or knee-length shorts are acceptable.  Do not wear long, overly baggy shorts. 

Ladies, be sure to wear a good "foundation" be functional not fashionable.  

If you are on some form of medication, be sure to let the Band Director know immediately.   

If you are allergic to bee stings or any other form of insect bite, tell us about it.  

If you need and use one, be sure to have your inhaler with you.  

Don't forget, you need a good pencil and, of course, bring your instrument and music!

Band Shoes

What to Get and Where

Band shoes are black, imitation patent leather, spit shine look, Corfam material, with a heel, no extra fancy trim, BATES high gloss or a plain DEXTER uniform oxford or the equivalent. Ask to see a sample. Parents have had luck finding shoes at:


We also have a few pair of donated shoes by Band Alumni that are free for the taking if they fit! Nothing wrong with them that a little Pledge furniture polish can't fix.

White Gloves

Available from the Band Parents Association!

The white gloves that band members wear at every performance are sold by the Band Parents and are usually sold when Spirit Wear is sold at General Meetings.   They will be available at the first parents meeting on  in early September and at times during band camp.

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FAQ for Band Parents

Why is band camp mandatory?

This is where they learn the fundamentals of marching.

Does my child need a Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form?

Yes, the form is available at the Principal's Office of CCMS and WWMS for incoming Freshmen. A link to the form is also available on the Clifton Board of Education website. 

Where do I drop off my child during band camp?

Students get dropped off at the band room and then walk up the hill to the "band field."

Where do I pick my child up for lunch and after camp?

Make a pick-up point with your child. Usually they are waiting for you near the band parking lot at the far left of the building. DO NOT PARK or STAND at the YELLOW CURBS; there are plenty of parking spots.

When and what time is band camp?

Band camp starts at 8:00 am. Always arrive 10 minutes early.

What should my child wear and bring to band camp?

Most importantly his/her instrument, sneakers, T-shirts only (no strapless, mid-riffs or spaghetti straps), a loose-fitting, decent pair of shorts, a cap or sun-visor, suntan lotion and a water bottle/jug.

Is band camp cancelled if it rains?

No, practice is moved indoors.

Can my child go home for lunch?

Absolutely, just be back on time. Attendance is being taken. Also, drink plenty of water and eat light since they practice in the sun all morning and afternoon.

Do flute players also need a piccolo for Marching Band?

Yes, we recommend a metal piccolo, as resin doesn't hold up.

Do you recommend the students have tutors?

Absolutely! Ask a band parent if you need a recommendation. Usually they're surprisingly affordable.

Can you smoke, eat or drink in uniform? Do you wear anything under it?

Absolutely no drinking, smoking, or eating in uniform, EVER. Definitely use a T-shirt (band shirt) underneath and silky tights or shorts in case you need to unbutton or loosen your uniform.

May I feed or approach my child while he or she is in uniform?

Definitely no to both. We provide snacks as necessary.

How do we know if students need to be dropped off at CCMS or CHS?

For all HOME football games, students are dropped off and picked up at CCMS. For AWAY games and all other events (i.e. festivals, parade, trips, etc.) drop off and pick-up is from the CHS parking lot. Information like this will always be available at the monthly band parent meetings, so please make your best effort to attend.

What happens if you need to miss a show or game?

The band needs and expects a total commitment from band camp to Thanksgiving; there are no excuses. If someone misses practice, they will not perform at that week's event.


Is there a fee for being a band member?

Yes, we have a general fund obligation, usually $85. This helps defray the cost of awards dinner, band BBQ, dances, buses to events, water and snacks, ice and medical supplies and so on.

How do I get information?

Starting the first Thursday night in August at Band Camp, at our monthly meetings once band is in session and this website.

How can I help?

When you attend our regular meetings we ask for volunteers. YOU are a band parent, and anything you can do to help our children is sincerely appreciated and makes our band function smoothly.

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FAQ for Band Members

Is band hard?

For our Marching Band to have its world-renowned reputation hard work is required, but it is also a lot of fun.


How long are practices?

Practices are usually from after school until 5:30 Monday-Friday during Marching Band season (Sept.-Thanksgiving).


Can you do other activities besides just band?

During the fall you cannot participate in other sports but you can be in clubs. During the winter and spring, you can be in other sports unless you are in one of the smaller ensembles.

What is the band director like?

Like any true leader, he is demanding and expects your best. He is also your greatest supporter, a true advocate, and is always there for you if you need help.

What is band class?

It counts as a regular class and it helps you learn your music. During the holidays and in the spring, you perform in a concert as part of one of the CHS concert bands.

What is band camp?

It's the last two weeks of the summer where each band member learns the fundamentals for the upcoming year.


Does band affect your schoolwork?

Most people find that during Marching Band season their grades are actually higher. However, if you need to go to remedial, it will not interfere with practice.

What other ensembles are offered to band students?

Wind Ensemble, Brass Band, Percussion Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, and Flute Consortium are all offered to band students during the winter and spring. However, you must be in Marching Band to participate in these.

Are you required to do anything other than Marching Band?

No, but it is strongly suggested to join other ensembles.

Do freshmen make band?

All freshmen make band, but it may take some time until everyone is ready to march in performances. Eventually, everyone is put into a show.

What does the band do besides play at football games?

The Marching Band also plays at parades, school pep rallies and music festivals. Other fun opporunities ONLY for band members include band bashes (dances), the Holiday Dinner/Dance, and the Awards Dinner. The band has also traveled to different places internationally to perform.

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